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April 25 2017

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Sun in the 7th House - Dividing the Light

to love and to be loved, is to see the sun from both sides” -
David Viscott

Like splitting sun through the blinds, Sun in the 7th house people are morning light, people born to connect, plug in a solar light, and radiate. Brightness is generated through partnership, so the hunger for human interaction can be insatiable. The friendliness with Sun in the 7th is unmistakable, the individual can be a magic mirror of a highlighter kit, contouring and reflecting your best and loveliest qualities. The attraction will be toward proud and powerful people who reaffirm the individual’s importance in the world. There can be an empty cavern in the heart here, amplified by the Sun’s fall in Libra, so the will and glow of the self can be strained and wane, like the individual cannot find or establish themselves, they are constantly rising and setting, becoming and reflecting. People with Sun in the 7th make natural psychologists. The mind and personality of other people seem more interesting than their own. Learning about the psychology of other people helps them gain self awareness. 

The curse with Sun in the 7th can be the loneliness, the constant need for a witness, the consuming aspect of relationships that can make the individual seem demanding or fragile. Abandonment can literally feel like falling because part of the self seems to have been ripped from within. Living in a world of projections, the delight of life can be heavily reliant on the richness of relationships. There is a natural skill for the righteous order of life and spiritual law with Sun in the 7th. Justice always prevails in a peaceful and striking way, often the court room, politics, or legal studies can be a stomping ground. The Sun in the 7th who radiates more of the Sun heart aspect may resonate well in psychoanalysis or therapy, because the individual can disappear when counselling others, disappearing so transference cannot occur. This can of course, occur in every day life but reflecting destructively, like the feeling of emptiness, incompletion, or being invisible without an audience. Although the individual prefers to share the spotlight, they wither away without adequate validation and human attention. When their sense of self shrinks away, so does their light, its almost like your hands could pass straight through them. 

Sun in the 7th people can be riddled with elusive complexes. This can be the strange sedation of the 7th house, like the poison of the 8th house begins to leak prematurely. Being alone can generate complexes, largely relating to self validation, the individual feeling intrinsically bad or unwanted. Relationships can produce similar complexes, however relating to partner’s responses, a smile can lift their whole day, a small argument can literally shatter their world. Relationships act as a blueprint for identity formation, this is why the individual holds people so dearly. Confusion can be rife in this area, often the individual is indecisive and unable to ascertain their own true needs. The tendency for self sacrifice here can be quite profound. The individual really does scatter light like a falling and splitting sun, so company receives a warm, little glimmering glow, a gentle burn, they are the purpose of existence. 


leo is trapped in their need for a witness
virgo is trapped in their own self contempt 

She holds a crystal ball in her hand and clouds of indigo analgesia crackle from her fingertips
Neptune in the 8th house

the sun in the seventh may project their internal need for approval onto loved ones and become demanding. they may be drawn to somebody who is very confident and affirms their importance in the world

the 7th house/descendant can also be deceptive because it lures us into love before we understand on deep, intrinsic plutonian levels who we really are inside. we may project our needs onto others and expect prospective partners or friends to remedy them

With the seventh house in focus individuals see pieces of themselves everywhere, and they also sense holes in their lives that people used to fill.

like i talked about before with empty houses they dont so much represent deficits but areas of life that are not a focus or concern. i have no planets in the 4th house, just mercury on the IC. not to sound heartless but i had never seen a big emphasis or deal about family. i thought we could simply have anyone as family and i could get as far away as possible and not be bothered. i never felt closeness or any prevalence to them in my life, actually sort of anxious and like i didnt have a complete family. again, nothing was lacking, bc the initial concern (empty house) wasn’t there. but then i had a baby girl, with a tonne of 4th house emphasis. and the other day there was a family reunion from my maternal grandmother’s side. i thought i would go to introduce the baby, but i had never met these people, i was born 10 hours away, and i thought the baby would help my anxiety. and then i met these people who were some of the most beautiful, loving, accepting people with a bond i had never experienced, ah it was family. i knew it, and that’s why it was one of the best days of my life. and it would have never happened if i had never had scarlett who, herself is an heirloom, they even commented, ‘in 30 years time scarlett, you will be running this reuinion’, and with venus, jupiter, and moon in the 4th house i’m sure she will be. i think it shows to our intrinsic reliance on each other, my lack of 4th house opened up for a daughter with a whole ocean of it, so we fit together like jigsaws 

OMHS, oh my higher self
Jupiter in the 1st house / Sagittarius rising


she cannot tame the chaos within 
a million fairy lights exploding into 
wildfires through her veins 
alight she looks like a city 
from the sky 
iron coursing through her 
all she remembers is life 
waking from eternal sleep 
the beauty awakened with sweet

April 24 2017

aries will point out the flaws of a situation or a person’s reaction in a factual and straightforward way. they can literally imagine a court room around them at all times checking sincerity, truth, and justice. this can trigger the more sensitive types around them, but clears the air in fresh aries breath 

Ares (The God of War) hates those who hesitate
— Euripides

do you think anyone really could understand what goes through the gemini mind?! even psychologists or psychoanalysts? i am not sure, because it would change so quickly as soon as i figured out what was on their mind it would vanish and be something else entirely and entirely different but it made perfect sense to them along this rollercoaster of loose association and i think we would all be very dizzy and probably need a big bong afterward 

there is something strange about the leo perception, im sure this is sort of an illumination from the sun that turns inward. they seem very perceptive to trauma, like everyone can look the same, and they will pick someone who is holding wounds, esp from childhood. they are responsive with child protection cause they seem to have this intuition. also they can thought manifest. its sorcery but also scary. they can THINK things and in the near future it occurs. godlike much 

mercury in the 7th house is a lyrical decorator of words, they can soften the world for other people with words. they can speak in balanced composition, serene and still, reflecting your best qualities 

anything relating to health anxieties can found in the 6th house, the 6th house focuses acutely on health and anatomy, fitness, detox, mercury is the natural ruler of the 6th house and governs the nerves system, anxiety, so this is where ailments (6th house) arise either through the mind (virgo/mercury) or the body (6th h), ultimately the same thing, but mercury is the trickster, so aches trigger angst and start tripping the mind. esp like neptune in the 6th

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I’m the one you tell all your fears to. There’ll never be enough of us

Moon in the 7th house

Lorde//Buzzcut Season

the sad thing about the 12th i guess is the impending isolation or the feeling of loneliness or disconnection that is actually the whole elusion bc in truth the person is so connected to the whole experience, they are unresistant to boundaries so they are the least alone of all, they are one with everything, god envelopes them one on one, cause that’s all that is. the loneliness can feel so overwhelmingly full that it empties out just to make physical space

Owner of a lonely heart
Venus in the 12th house
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Venus in Aquarius - Love Balloon 

Like balloons floating across the sky, the love of Venus in Aquarius is sprinkled across humanity like pink confetti. A free spirit lifts company to heights in the sky, thought castles filled with ideas, individuality, and unconditional love. Aphrodite was a Goddess who was given choice over living in the clouds or in the sea. She chose the water, but part of her dwells in her airy home, giving Aquarius something airy and enchanting in Venus, translucent, humanitarian, crystal love. Venus in Aquarius people are balloon butterflies, social creatures who scatter their love amongst groups and vanishing in unusual ways. The individual is typically more comfortable with 2 or 3 people, rather than the intimacy of 1:1 union. This is where the Venus in Aquarius person can feel vulnerable or embarrassed. 

Venus in Aquarius people are refreshing, electric, and above all bohemian and  free. There is a wildness about their nature that is uniquely individual, the conversation and social flair can be engaging, playful, and bedazzling. Often there is a distrust of emotion with Venus in Aquarius. Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius so they certainly seek commitment and devotion, and they offer intense loyalty to those who manage to break the locket around the heart. The individual can be a cool social chameleon because they can find a common ground with just about anybody. The individual understands the oneness and unity of the collective, there is a tremendous delight when groups of people come together in shared delight. This can make the individual a fantastic advocate, progressive, or protestor. The intelligence with Venus in Aquarius cannot be concealed, and seduction awaits in the mind, coalescing with lovers, and indulging in ideas, utopias, and cerebral dream. 

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius so the individual requires frequent change and stimulation in relationships. They may be attracted to genius, mad, or unusual types. It’s basically anyone that awakens the heart that beats in the mind. Learning generates tremendous joy, to expand the mind and explore ideas can become a romance story of its own. They tend to be seduced by brilliant minds, and they can find love elusive, because a like minded person can be so difficult to come by. Like glistening heart shaped diamonds, they are scattered like petals in the sky, so hard to find and impossible to contain. They understand the inherent multiplicity in their being, their own divinity reflected through the collective. The individual gives a honey voice to the community, relaying a vast cosmic network of vision, salvation, and wisdom. It is likely the person will prefer to progress friendships into relationships and find a lover in the friendship group or social organization. Life in love with Venus in Aquarius is anything but ordinary. It’s a star cluster of vibrant delight and cosmic chaos, a puzzle of love and a riddle of a relationship. 


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