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May 28 2017



how do i lower my real life resolution? i want other people to observe me in 144p 

i want my body to just be a horrid collection of jpeg artifacts. i want my voice to just be the most compressed audio file you can imagine

May 25 2017

mercury rules the lower mind and primary education. jupiter rules the higher mind and higher education. uranus is the higher octave of mercury and electrifies higher signals in the brain. it is beyond any educational establishment because he cannot be defined. but uranian people can find their genius. in one way of another, there is always a topic or a passion they have much talent for like a prodigy. school is over quickly. these people spend their lives teaching others

Are you satisfied with an average life?
Are you satisfied with an easy ride
Once you cross the line
Will you be satisfied?
Sad inside
In this life
Unsatisfied praying
Sad inside
In this life
Unsatisfied waiting


Marina and the Diamonds

aquarians are intune with people, individually, but also on mass symbolic and intuitive levels. their need is not for power, but for change. abused animals and abused men and woman, the impoverished, the abandoned, and the mentally ill can find solace in the universal aquarian conscience

where to meet a pisces: in a hallucination or in a dream

there is a very calculative, strategic component to scorpio. they won’t be left wrangling in chaos or without an escape plan, and they evaluate everything with such detail that it becomes impossible to miss a thing. this goes for people, and work, and goals. and they sublimate much of their energy into their goals.

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When the Gemini opens her mouth to speak, or wrap her sacred hands
around a pen, or sits behind a keyboard,
the heavens
part, it’s all ‘stop the press!’ a beautiful Gemini has a message to share. Words tangle like galaxies in the spectacular Mercury mind, a transporting
vessel to crossword rollercoasters of sky writing, ideas, limricks, and
Her hollow body slips into any form, she is many women in one flirty enigma,
a woman who reads, and wonders, guards her independence,
and thinks a million thoughts an instant, she can be a housewife or a professor,
a nurse or a television anchor, or everything at once, five or six things at the
same time. When she is lost in thought or talk, her youthful spirit glows like a child dancing in the sun. Her erratic, misty spirit infuses into any environment like translucent dewdrops. Self-­expression and language is Gemini’s ultimate potion
Her voice is dripping with sorcery and cosmic spells
She’s the letter writer for the Gods, the notebook of the skies
She is a double bodied rapscallion, a pixie who flitters from group to group, a cosmic bubble who floats by to blow a refreshing airy breeze,
She so easily charms with her wicked humor and clever quips,
she gone as soon as you blink, because like a wave of the magic mercury hand, she will vanishes back to Neverland

pisces spend so much time dreaming and playing with constellations that stars get tangled in their hair

sagittarians have fiery and innocent hearts. they are great protectors of loved ones. mysterious by archetype, the sagittarius continues their enigmatic theme in love. but this can be frustrating for confused partners. sagittarians can be so swept away by their own impulses and urges that they seem detached or avoidant. sagittarians are extroverts, but they need their own space. they give partners plenty of room to breathe and expect the same in return 

jupiter in the 3rd people are ravenous in their search for knowledge. the mind can be chaotic here, it’s constantly searching for clues and answers in its immediate environment. these people can have trouble calming the mind, it seeks constant stimulation and challenge 

taurus like writing their little lists and sticking them around the house; recipes, reminders… its good to give a journal to a taurus. they do like to keep their thoughts private and be able to re-visit memories 

May 24 2017

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how do  you know youre in a ‘spiritual awakening’?

probably not by ‘losing friends’ because you assume your superiority 
probably not by assuming the rest of the world is crazy and unawake, and you are special for knowing something they haven’t realised yet 
You shouldn’t lose friends but rather cherish the gift of the moment, soul family. The ego wants to be superior, it wants to think its evolved, it wants to think it actually exists. astrology is very ego, it props up its pride. so does it assuming you have acquired a superior, special sect of knowledge that puts you above other people. i i think the best way to spot a genuine mystic is not one who parades or bellows about their said “gift” but one who humbly responds that everyone is spiritual and its all a simple matter of tuning into your frequency 


Soul Purpose of Moon signs 

Moon in Aries: To direct intense emotional energies into the mental body so fresh, intuitive ideas can be generated, like a flower springing from wintery darkness. The crisis is channeling confusing emotions into the mind. The moon is ultra spiritually active in Aries 

Moon in Taurus: Expressing pure creativity that satisfies material and spiritual desires. Personal emotions have admirable empathy and generate marvellous creativity that shapes the nature of Gods and Goddesses 

Moon in Gemini: The mental and altruistic awareness of emotions becomes a gateway for the creation of relationships. The mind is intensely spiritually alert and establishes new harmonic patterns between people 

Moon in Cancer: Turning back time, the individual remains partly in past lives. The goal is to materialise a cradle to protect, nourish, and nurture like the Mother Goddess. This is to use the illumination of the moon to radiate pure, unconditional love 

Moon in Leo: Self awareness and identity emanates from grandiose emotional activity. Feelings about themselves are based on their opportunity to give and receive love passionately and intensely 

Moon in Virgo: Christ inside, the individual is a sacred world server, spirit’s child. The individual activates all vibrations of love on behalf of whole humanity and all of earth’s minerals, plants, and animals 

Moon in Libra:  The creation, facilitation, and growth of love and relationships is the Moon in Libra’s soul plan. Bringing and reuniting souls on their journey together. Turns ego-driven need for relationships into spiritual love for all beings

Moon in Scorpio: To resist the ego’s need for isolation and separation. To generate the sacred, healing power of the spiritual self and dissolve destructive and karmic emotional activity and impulsive action. This facilitates soul level transformation

Moon in Sagittarius: The emotional nature is nourished and sustained by physical experience, to wander the temple of earth. The generation of ideas and vision that benefit the collective spirit and body. Submits the physical nature to something higher 

Moon in Capricorn: To direct and arrange personal vision and goals from being physically and materially based to wholly spiritual pursuits. To facilitate safety and spiritual nourishment for collective humanity 

Moon in Aquarius: Tremendous spiritual responsibility is born with Moon in Aquarius. Powerful, vibrational love is directed into the mind and as a matrix for wider humanity, immersing every soul like air droplets. To dissociate from the bias of human emotion and judgment to radiate the essence of higher beings, angels, pure unconditional love 

Moon in Pisces: Powerful soul work is activated with Moon in Pisces. The will of God is bought forth through the vessel of bright, loving illumination. Potent, universal compassion nourishes the soul of the world


Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.


Kahlil Gibran


aries people have agile bodies and agile minds. they can learn anything, but only if they want to learn it. this agility can make aries good dancers. lots of aries are born with flat feet, and so back concerns can be an issue. and they will go over and over something over and over again because they’re pretty sure that you’re too dumb to get it straight away 

Astrology Milestones


Age 12 - First Jupiter Return: The ancients celebrated puberty because the biological God and Goddess of creation had been awakened and it was a sacred time in one’s life. This was recognised with jubilance and honour. Jupiter rules hormones and cultural conditioning. In modern times we shame and denigrate the phase, remarking on hormonal changes that inconvenience society, and yet we wonder why teenagers self destruct, rebel, and turn to substance. This changing biology transforms the lower body and activates the spirit, and yet we are not prepared or nurtured for this powerful change. 

Age 14 - Jupiter opposes Saturn: The resistance to authority and conditioning is activated here, along with self consciousness and the lure into danger. This is the moment a young person can typically choose between ‘indulgence, laziness, and self pleasure’ (Jupiter) in leaving school or ‘responsibility, expectation, and conforming to authority’ (Saturn) in remaining in school or focusing on the future. The karmic lesson is revealed around this period. We face intimidating figures of authority, often threatening with ‘what until you’re in the real world’ shaking confidence even more 

Age 21 - Uranus squares natal Uranus: 21 is the age globally recognised as completed transition into adulthood. This period indicates self expression and experimentation, a time for tattoos and lilac hair and inspiration. It’s a favourable time for sparking people’s interest in astrology. Political activity, protest, and rebellion can begin around here. Cosmically, this is a time where people learn a lot about themselves and generate good self awareness, they start to feel wholly in their body, or as if fogginess has dissolved 

Age 28-30 - First Saturn Return: Everything you have built until this point is under threat. Saturn writes his first report card, and it will rely on how intimate and satisfactory you have been in facilitating Saturn’s condition in the natal chart. This is the biggest overhaul we experience on a physical/mental level, when the anchor of the chart completes transit and writes a new criteria. We are given 29 years because the reading material and substance is so profound. Harsh reality hits with shattering force. It’s time to become an adult. 



earth signs recognise problems before they become emergencies


ur such a highly evolved soul of course this earth would seem repulsive 

The most important thing in life is your family. There are days you love them, and others you don’t. But in the end… they’re the people you always come home to. Sometimes it’s the family you’re born into… and sometimes it’s the one you make for yourself.
— Carrie Bradshaw (via whatwouldcarriesay)
They have exiled me now from their society, yet I am content. Mankind only exiles the one whose large spirit rebels against injustice and tyranny.


Kahlil Gibran

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