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February 08 2018

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Venus in the 10th house - The People’s Princess 

“Style is the answer to everything.
A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing
To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it
To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art” -
Charles Bukowski

Venus in the 10th is a cosmic mixture of love that belongs to everyone. She is a natural beauty for the world to behold as she reflects their ideal image across the midheaven sky. There is a great desire for inclusive acceptance and the sense of belonging that comes from being a character in the collective divine story. The individual is known for her natural expression of pleasure and appreciation for the world. She radiates a gentle purity, nobility, and righteousness that encourages strangers to approach her without fear or hesitation. The professional experience, image, and position is important with Venus in the 10th. It’s possible for the individual to undertake further study or take direction toward a profession that garners a positive and respectful public opinion. Sometimes appearance can blur reality, and she would rather give the impression of happiness, peace, and success than let people know she is struggling or suffering. The ideal relationship can be the primary ambition and measure the substance and success of life. The natural partner may be somebody who inspires her to reach her potential or has built a successful name for themselves in their own right. There may also be an attraction to publicly loved figures, creative, aspiring, or older romantic partners.  

People who come to know the individual on a deeper than surface level can be surprised that she is more combative, risque, or wild than she seems to convey. She may also find that people can be wrongly jealous or envious about the life or experiences they believe that she has. In unfortunate scenarios, this can be the classic case of the perfect couple with the perfect profession and house hiding horrible circumstances, infidelity, and poisonous secrets. Her Venus mirror reflects the beautiful ideal inside the heart’s of other people, so there is can be intrusion of personal boundaries when people falsely believe they are entitled to her beauty or that she belongs to them.  She aims to uphold a diplomatic, congenial, and likeable professional and public presence. But she may also be at risk of suffering identity crisis, internal disillusion, or reactive depression following job loss, rejection, or public disgrace. It’s vital for the individual to follow a professional pathway that inspires her love, natural pleasure, and ability to leave something more beautiful than she found it. She is highly responsive to positive feedback from colleagues and superiors and they likely appreciate her artistic, relatable and inclusive approach. It’s also possible for the individual to coax and charm superiors with an auric hypnosis, she can negotiate, compromise, or make use of her physical assets to make her way to the top. The individual may be involved in human relations, public advocacy, public relations, financial advisory, cosmetic therapies, or even entrepreneurial pursuits that capitalise on her natural talents such as gourmet cuisine, fitness, photography, and manual arts and design. If the individual has found herself in a profession where she is denied the opportunity for human connection, inner satisfaction and wellbeing, and make positive contributions her self value wanes and hope for the future fades. 

Venus in the 10th may not indicate the ease of professional ascension and abundance that is typically expected with a Venus placement. The individual directs substantial focus, idealism, and desire into the professional life arena, so it’s also possible that she experiences great heartbreak and disillusionment. The loss of job or position can make her feel unworthy or unnoticed, or she may feel betrayed when the profession she has poured her love into fails to recognise her effort, special contribution, or match the image she had of the role. The individual can make her professional ascension largely through her workplace relations and ability to network. She knows how to talk the language that superiors like to hear and impress at the moment it matters. Colleagues and clients typically respond well to the individual’s nature because she exudes a natural pleasantness and competency that people find easy to relate to. As a leader, Venus in the 10th is equitable and prefers to retain the moral high ground. She would rather be known for her kindness, sassy style, and heart rather than intimidation, domination, or tyranny. The individual can be a corporate mastermind hiding behind an innocent face, a force that can mesmerise the world underneath a quiet voice, and a success story that everybody underestimated and nobody saw coming until she pulled back the mask at game, set, and match. 


art by Kurtis Rykovich

Cosmic Architects 

Leo: Externalised creativity 
Virgo/Scorpio: Internalised creativity 
Capricorn: Materialising reality 
Aquarius: Manifesting the vision 

conversation is a way 
for gemini to hear their own echo and cosmic substance
for libra to piece their identity together 
and an opportunity for aquarius to change the world one mind at a time

#air signs 

Natural astrology skepticism 

aries, leo - how could a higher force have any influence over me?
taurus - seems a bit irrational?
gemini - “i see it from this side… and then this side… and i believe this… but also this”
cancer, pisces - seems too good to be true 
virgo, sagittarius, capricorn - but where is the mechanism? 
libra - “it’s true because of this…. but it’s not true because of this…”
scorpio, aquarius - i’m willing if its willing to reveal itself 
aries, sagittarius - i’ll believe it if i see it 



“The (Midheaven) reflects a person’s image, their presentation to the world outside. It can be a very important factor in the physical appearance, the physical type, even more so than the ascendant.”

— Liz Greene

Aries midheaven: Can seem insatiably seductive, intimidating, challenging, inspiring, ready and willing for anything, like they were born for whatever they are doing 

Taurus midheaven: Can seem ultimately grounded, in touch with themselves, competent, alluring and sensitive

Gemini midheaven: Can seem interesting, clever, influential, experimental, free spirited, confident in their intellectual abilities and erratic 

Cancer midheaven: Can seem sensitive, emotionally responsive, introverted, gentle, mysterious, and maternal like a mother figure

Leo midheaven: Can seem confident, charismatic, and commanding, full of pride and performance, big hearted, competent in leadership, always switched ‘on’

Virgo midheaven: Can seem internalised and private, intelligent, skilled and proficient, nervous and sacrificial, self-disciplined, a personal advisory 

Libra midheaven: Can seem popular, artistic, peaceful, and easy to relate to, flirtatious, enchanting, people can feel entitled to their beauty, righteous and fair

Scorpio midheaven: Can seem cryptic, secluded, and provocative, charming, mesmerising, daunting, intense, unforgiving, passionate, commanding 

Sagittarius midheaven: Can seem wild, unrestrained, adventurous, perceptive, interesting, relentless, philosophical, active, impossible to keep up with

Capricorn midheaven: Can seem astonishingly capable and confident, self-sufficient, grounded, gifted, talented, reliable, resilient, wise, and successful 

Aquarius midheaven: Can seem unusual or atypical, strangely gifted, free spirited, intelligent, self-sufficient, inspired, creative, unstable, interesting 

Pisces midheaven: Can seem spiritual or gifted, otherworldly and supernatural, redeeming, rescuer, creative, unstable, dreamy, evasive, inspiring, awakened


“mid-life crisis” aka half uranus return, transiting uranus opposite uranus
fascinating to see in action, such desperation to live a different and renewed life, almost to the point where some are willing to abandon loved ones and their own dignity really. this is why astrology can be so useful, we can practice some mindful self-reflection with direct guidance 

the ascendant is on the axis of the descendant being the shadow and projections, it exists only because other people are around to define it 

you can never protect people, you can only make them strong 
enough to protect themselves

aquarius are really good at turning things upside down. i’ve noticed a lot of them ask constantly if it’s ‘normal’, is it ‘normal’ to feel that way, because they have no inherent concept of normality and nor a reason to ascribe to it.
maybe faking normality helps them feel more ‘connected’ but it only disconnects them from their true and authentic essence.
they have to switch solitude and socialisation on and off like a light switch. they need to go off and be alone so that they can cultivate their uniquely personal visions and wisdom. they need privacy so they can experience the social interactivity they desire, the conduit of delivering other worldly intelligence that can only be digested and re-distributed by a one of a kind mind 

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Uranus in the 12th House - Space Mermaid

“Solitude is the soil in which genius is planted, creativity grows, and legends bloom; faith in oneself is the rain that cultivates a hero to endure the storm, and bare the genesis of a new world, a new forest.”  
 ―    Mike  Norton,                  White Mountain        

Life can be a separative and strange experience with Uranus in 12th. The sudden urgency for solitude switches on like a crackling lamp, and the individual abandons everyone and everything to submerge into a secluded sea. The individual may not realise that she is doing so, and how long she has been gone. Deeply concealed and powerful intuitive forces surface abruptly and begin cascading like melting ice water when the mind can hear its own echo in solitary self-reflection. The individual needs to escape from the noise and contamination of other people to cleanse the spirit and invite cosmic electricity to devour her body. There is a personal relationship with the celestial space, she can hear the heartbeat of the stars and the moon sing to her while she secretly weeps. The individual has an emotionally telepathic auric field and she absorbs the psychic circuits of her company. Too much social contact and these start to sizzle into an internal state of static of psychic waste that only relieves itself when she leaves and goes off alone. Here, she begins to walk on a shoreline with a sparkling lagoon reaching into the stars. With Uranus in the 12th intuition and response has been primed and cultivated in previous lifetimes. At the bottom of her secluded sea, she has inherited a clam shell that has been constructed by her in the past. Inside the pearl is an electric blue crystal ball striking mesmerising with prophetic lightning that reveals visions from future selves in future lifetimes. 

Self-reflection can be like a psychotherapy session with Uranus in the 12th. Secret inner conditions, receptive insights, and prophetic revelations begin to glean with clarity the deeper inside that she goes. She can experience a complete renewal of perspective when she is alone and see through the clear and authentic glass. When she is in this zone, she begins floating through the collective ocean like she is hovering in space, the whole universe is hers to play, experiment, and converse with. The genius and its muse take this opportunity to visit, and in the swirling fog of the night take ahold of her pen, paintbrush, or instrument and conduct a creative, hypnotic ceremony until sunrise. There can be difficulty materialising these grand experiences and images in daily life, artistry and poetry can be the only form of interpretation. There seems to be innate spiritual wisdom and knowing written by past selves, and the individual may have practiced astronomy, astrology, occultist studies, or sciences in previous lives. She may be essentially private and secretive about these psychic encounters and abilities. Neptune rules the 12th house and the nature is inclusively receptive, but deception and trickery weaves through this fantasy. Plato referred to Uranus as The World of Divine Ideas and spiritual enlightenment, but this active energy also generates excessive nervous stimulation. Part of the conflict can be discriminating between future prophecy, the flashing memories of past lives, and emotional anxieties. The inner experience can become so intensely aroused that she becomes anxious or panicked when she is alone. The sleep cycle can also be strange with Uranus in the 12th. There may be periods of lost, disrupted, and difficulty getting to sleep followed by long spells of inability to wake, naps, and slumber. Dreams are designed to be bright, vivid, ultra unusual, symbolic and precognitive. They can also be quite intrusive, nightmarish, or infuse into memory and confuse as reality. 

There can also be a lack of internal stability with Uranus in the 12th that results in difficulty sourcing the light of identity. Everybody can see her light except for her, and this true and heavenly illuminant radiates from the crystal ball deep inside. The individual may struggle with the sense of being a manufactured clone with nothing special to offer. There can be a tendency to cling to comforting people in social situations and shyness around new groups. The experience of Uranus in the 12th seduces one into the self-secluded search to find the scattered ingredients that blend to form the unique cosmic substance she can express through the physical interface. There is a powerfully ingrained and consuming response to collective suffering. Without provocation she can become suddenly overexcited, agitated, stressed, or teary, suffocating beneath the wave and back to breathing again in a moment. This can stimulate the desire to separate herself from this inherent sensitivity or risk being drowned. But when she cuts off her compassion and empathy, she loses a part of herself. To relieve the nervous tension and desperate exile, the individual must learn to let the spirit of emotion, connection, and intuition spontaneously flow through her and changes with the pace elevated frequencies experienced by herself. Uranus in the 12th so intimately connective that her internal poisons pollute the collective oversoul, when she detoxes her essence she cleanses the collective also. She must learn to surrender the secrets, traumas, and insecurities that contaminate her insides to supportive and accepting ears. There can be vague and terrifying fears of being abandoned, never waking from sleep, never feeling substantial or real, or never being able to express what is truly meaningful inside. Even if it pains her, she must learn to release the hidden declarations that can change the greater good. When the mind becomes numb and she stops feeling, it’s like an alien invasion. Her spirit is lifting but her body is descending, she can feel trapped inside herself and inside the peripheries of the world. Every stroke of genius, inspiration, and psychic virtuosity resides in the ocean within, and she comes to realise that she has always known, the only way out is in.  


art: Salty Tears and Shipwrecks by Mel Macklin

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water signs cancer, scorpio, and pisces are renowned for their magical imaginations, they have direct access to the eternal cosmic bank of collective fantasy that is the very real dream since the beginning of time 
this imagination can be their elevator, their saviour, and their captor 
they have the sorcery that can bend or break the laws of physics altogether 
but they can also trap themselves in a waking nightmare, water is never still 

February 07 2018

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